Commercial. This exciting new contemporary glazed extension to Deployments head office is located on the main gateway feeder road to Rochdale Town centre, it is a prominent location in a mixed area of building types. The uniqueness of the location has lead to an exciting development opportunity to benefit the town and local businesses; this has been the backbone for the design concept.

The site is currently the head office location for Deployment Ltd; this is their flagship building for this well established prestigious employment company. Deployment was established in 1989 as a recruitment agency supplying staff to local transport distribution companies, the company has four physical branches in Oldham, Bolton, Wakefield and Rochdale being the head office. The site and building was acquired in 1994, it was the former finance and insurance office, the building used to be a single storey flat roof building and in 2001 Deployment obtained planning permission to construct a new first floor extension and full pitched roof, the car park, landscaping and external boundary walls were also upgraded, the new facility offered a training unit and meeting location.

Our client wanted the new extension to make a statement, something contemporary and different that married to the existing building but was separated with a bold contrast whilst stamping a mark of individuality.

A small element of materials and form are extracted from the surrounding elements but the contrast of glass and steel are introduced to create a development which has individuality and works within its environment. The Use of traditional building materials, which relate to the elements around the proposed development and the local architecture and material usage assists in providing some continuity with the traditional features of the area, however the main concept is a contrast away from the traditional form of design and construction.